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Account & Profile

It's so easy to get started with your own BBC learning account.
1. Go to
2. Click on register, add basic details and that's it.
3. Check out dashboard and select needful courses.
If you know your current password,
1. go to profile.
2. got to settings and change password.

If you don't know your current password,
1. Go to sign in.
2. Go to forget password, get password on your email id.
If you have a general question about using BBC learning,
1. Check out our FAQ.
2. Please write us on or whatsapp on +919067593063.

Payment & Billing

Follow the steps as below,
1. Login in the profile.
2. Go to course history, download the payment receipt.
The costs of enrollment will vary for each program and that information is found on the Program Details page of each program.
While we offer discounts time to time, once you've created a BBC learning academy account you will be able to receive occasional special promotional offers via email or sms.

BBC Learning Academy Community

The BBC Learning Academy Community is a network of students, Trainers and alumni from around the india. Our hope is that the BBC Learning Academy community becomes a source of growth, encouragement, and joy throughout every stage of their learning and teaching journey.
Working with other students or trainer is often the best way to learn new things. We hope you will form vibrant communities, both online and in-person, to help each other learn. The key is to use collaboration as a way to enhance learning, you can openly connect with each other and make your connect strong but only after checking profile on your risk.
If you have feedback regarding course experience, whether it’s related to content, reviews, or something else, send us a message instead of posting to other channels so that we can address it directly.

BBC Learning Academy Etiquette

Plagiarism is any act claiming or implying another person’s work is your own.
Plagiarism hurts you and your learning path with us, and hurts the BBC Learning community in the following ways:
• You deny yourself the opportunity to learn and practice skills that may be needed in your future career.
• You deny yourself the opportunity to receive honest feedback on how to improve your skills and performance.
• You invite future employers and teachers to question your integrity and performance in general if you have not mastered essential skills.
Plagiarism is violation of code of conduct, your profile might be locked or drag you in to legal way.
Avoid plagiarism and have bright future with us.

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