Montesorri Matching Colour Toy

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Key Features:

  • Wooden non-toxic material
  • Certified safe colours
  • To engage the quality time in participation
  • Early Childhood Development toy
  • Develops fine motor skill
  • Development of colour recognition in toddlers
  • Develops Eye-Hand Co-ordinations
  • Recognition and Association with the new Concepts at every card
  • Sensory Stimulation
  • Interactive abacus for kids
  • Encourages the development of children’s motor skills
  • To develop the logical, recognition, and memory power of the child
  • will develop the sitting patience


Brand – Kiddoz Club

Type – Montessori Toy

Age – 2.5+ Years

Material – Wooden

Dimensions – L 24 x B 3 x H 14 cm

Product description:

Product Description
A mini abacus for kids conforming to Montessori teaching technique. Let the kids have fun as they learn. The attractive colors will captivate them. This toy aids in intellectual growth and promotes problem-solving skills.

This Montessori Matching Colour Toy is the perfect Montessori toy for Early Childhood Development and enhancing the logical and analytical and critical thinking portion of the Cognitive Development in ECD.

The easy operation, fun giving colour Pattern Cards will develop the patterns of different colours as well as their recognition of the colours which sure to make it an instant hit with your little one!

A smooth handcrafted wooden Montesorri toy is spacially developed to foster the cognitive development of our toddlers. This toy is compact, can easily fit in a bag, and provides an endless play on the go. Place the toy before your baby and show them how to make the different patterns. As they touch the pattern coloured tablets the sensory improvements will begin.  The changing tablets of colours will captivate their attention and encourage them to try giving into a pattern given in cards which will develop their recognition as well as memory and attention span.

You can use the toy during the playtime, recess time in the schools or in a tutions, and also make them engage to make lower the screentime as there are many different patterns given in the cards so can spend a quality time in that and are able to get rid of TV or Mobile. Moving the different patterns of the coloured tablets with their fingers will hone their fine motor skills and will strengthen your baby’s arm. The soft colours of the cards and tablets will help in sensory development. The different coloured patterns will make them curious and keep them playing for hours in groups or individuals.

Items included in the Package:

1 Montessori Toy

Different Patterns Cards

Country of Origin: India

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Additional information

Weight 0.680 kg
Dimensions 24 × 3 × 14 cm


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