Rainbow Wheel Wooden With Mirror Non Toxic

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Key Features:

  • Wooden non toxic material
  • Certified safe colours
  • The rotating wheel of colors will captivate their attention and encourage them to try giving it a whirl
  • Early Childhood Development toy
  • Develops fine motor skill
  • Development of colour recognition in toddlers
  • Soft Rainbow Colours with mirror included.
  • Develops Eye-Hand Co-ordinations
  • Ligstic and Concept development as they know about different colours of  Rainbow
  • Recognition and Association with the new Concepts
  • Sensory Stimulation


Brand – Kiddoz Club

Type – Wooden Ranibow Wheel

Age – 2+ Years

Material – Wooden

Dimensions – L 17.5 x B 14 x H 18 cm

Product description:

This Rainbow Wheel is the perfect Montessori toy for Eartly Childhood Development and Learning to move their hands and see rainbow and colours. The easy operation, fun motion, and soft colours are sure to make it an instant hit with your little one!

A smooth handcrafted wooden spinning drum with panels coloured in softened different shades of the rainbow. This toy is compact, can easily fit in a bag, and provides endless play on the go. Place the spinner before your baby and show them how to spin it. The rotating wheel of colors will captivate their attention and encourage them to try giving it a whirl.

You can use the toy during tummy time or place it a little away from your baby, encouraging them to crawl and reach for it. As your child grows, you can tell them the names of the colours, slowly helping them identify the concept the Rainbow and also  each colour. Moving the panels of the drum with their fingers will hone their fine motor skills and will strengthen your baby’s arm. The soft colours of the panels will help in sensory development. The spinning motion and attractive colors will invoke their curiosity and keep them playing for hours.

Items included in the Package:

1 Spinning Drum

Country of Origin: India

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Additional information

Weight 0.680 kg
Dimensions 17.5 × 14 × 18 cm


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